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RF Elements South Africa – Technology for Wireless

We have horns! RF Elements’ slogan gives away their pride in manufacturing all things Wi-Fi. And they do so with an unbeatable passion for perfection and utmost dedication. This, along with their exceptional range of products, their innovative spirit and the fact that they have quickly made a name for themselves as one of the best companies in the business, has made RF Elements South Africa the preferred provider of Wi-Fi products.

Modern businesses and homes have, over the years brought Wi-Fi into their spaces, either as a replacement for fixed networking, or for additional coverage for those areas the Ethernet cables cannot reach. And as the popularity of Wi-Fi continues to grow, and as the industry continues to evolve, it is easy to see why so many people are preferring Wi-Fi over the other options.

Wi-Fi makes life easy. It is simple to install, fast and mostly reliable, and it can be a whole lot cheaper than the Ethernet options. Each year, the industry enjoys new developments and as such, not only are more people enjoying access to the web via Wi-Fi, but they are also able to take full advantage of the new technology as it is released.

Wi-Fi can be installed the DIY way, or, for those who are not so advanced with their approach to setting up networks, it helps to contact a networking company to do the installation on your behalf. Networking companies work with the best supply companies and as such, they have access to the best products and accessories that the industry has to offer, like RF Elements’ superb Wi-Fi selection.


RF Elements South Africa

Unlike many of the other companies in their field, RF Elements is rather unique. They are dedicated to wireless technology and their aim is to solve the interference issue which is a common problem with Wi-Fi.

Their products include technology aimed to reduce noise and eliminate lost connectivity. They also aim to produce the kinds of products that can be easily scaled, making them ideal for growing companies.

Their technology has a reputation for being fast and sustainable. In many ways, and in the many years that the company has been in business, they have revolutionised the way that Wi-Fi technology is made and accessed.

The company was founded in 2010, and each year they come up with new technology and new products to improve the way that the world accesses the internet. And they are dedicated to making sure that their existing products work better.

Their products are also made to work well with other brands. Along with manufacturing some of the best antennas and enclosures, they also specialise in developing mounting brackets suitable for brands like Mikrotik, Cambium, and Ubiquiti. These particular products are perfectly designed and have become the popular option for networking companies.

Making this all possible, is the large and varied team working at RF Elements. Together, they have an immense collection of experience and they are in every way forward thinkers. And it is their talent for out of the box thinking that has enabled RF Elements to become the industry leader that they are today.


RF Elements Product Catalogue

Instead of being too diverse in their approach, RF Elements took a route that not many others have, by focusing just about all of their attention on only one aspect of this ever changing and ever growing industry.

Their products are divided up into Wireless Broadband, Carrier Class Antennas, Integration Platforms, and Brackets. They also sell a variety of discontinued items. Although innovation is their goal, they are able to keep prices well within most budgets, especially those of companies wanting to invest in products or systems that can grow with the company.


Wireless Broadband       

These particular wireless broadband systems are designed to work with the RF Element’s connector, the TwistPort. The broadband systems are also made to be high-performing, easy to use and like everything else manufactured by RF Elements, the systems are scalable. Their Wireless Broadband systems have set the standards for such technology.


Carrier Class Antennas

Antennas, otherwise known as horns, are a must for reliable connectivity and, depending on the quality of the antenna, can really change the overall performance of the Wi-Fi system. RF Elements’ antennas are capable of working in conjunction with Mikrotik, Mimosa, UBNT, Cambium and Ligowave products.


Integration Platforms

The RF Elements integration platforms are original and innovative, and they are ideal for anyone searching for a customised solution. Using innovative thinking, the integration platforms are designed to be really simple to assemble and they are easily installed. The platforms are also more than able to improve performance and durability. The integration platforms are compatible with brands like Mikrotik and TP-Link.



As we touched on before, RF Elements makes a range of brackets suitable for Cambium, Mimosa and so much more. The brackets are designed to hold systems in place and make things neat and tidy.


Switchcom and RF Elements

Switchcom is one of South Africa’s leading distributors of all sorts of networking products. We source the best products from the best suppliers, and sell them at affordable prices to individuals and networking companies alike.

Among our selection of growing products, we stock RF Elements and can help you select the right products for your specific needs. If you are a networking company, we can assist you in getting hold of these top quality products even if you have a constrained budget. We do this by offering various payment options, which are ideal for growing companies.

As a top distributor, we can provide our products nationwide. Our products can be easily ordered online and if you are looking for a product that is not within our selection, you can have a chat with us about sourcing the product from overseas.

RF Elements has become an industry favourite in South Africa and with its innovative approach to Wi-Fi and with South Africa’s growing internet seeking community, it doesn’t hurt to consider bringing RF Elements’ products into your home or company.