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Having the right network installation tools as a part of your installation arsenal is of the utmost importance if you want to give your clients the guarantee that the work you’ve been hired to do will be carried out quickly and professionally.

As a process involving the connection of computers to one another, as well as to the web, networking is the physical channel through which data is transferred. And a kink in the network will result in possible downtime and a great disruption in day to day business.

Not only do the networking products need to be of the right calibre, but the networking tools used to set the network system up will also need to be of the highest quality, to ensure that the job is correctly carried out. A correctly installed network will give the system longevity as well as reliability, ensuring that the business stays online.

Networking is not limited to businesses. Home networks are just as important if your client requires internet access and connected computer systems throughout the house, for both business and pleasure.


Types of Networks

The networking tools you opt for will depend greatly on the type of system that you will be using. The two most basic types of networks include the wireless network and the wired network.

Wireless networks require very few tools and its network installation consists of getting the Wi-Fi router up and running, and connected to the computers and devices that will run off of this signal.

Wi-Fi is quickly becoming the most convenient and preferred type of networking. It is quick, stable and a lot more flexible.

But although the wireless network is so popular, the wired network still has a very important place in both the home and the office. The need for wired networks stretches across industries and provides an option for businesses to not only connect computers, but also access control systems and CCTV setups.

Wired networking is far faster than the wireless option and it is also a lot stronger in terms of connectivity. When price is taken into consideration, the wired internet networks are also more affordable, despite the fact that it involves more effort and products to get it all up and running. Wired networks are also not vulnerable to signal interference, something that is quite common with wireless networks.


Must have networking tools for connecting a Wired Network

Although it is quite a tough, manual task, creating a stable wired network requires a lot more skills than a wireless network. Not only does the wired network need to be safely and correctly installed, but it has to look neat.

All of the best installation teams put a lot of emphasis on making sure that the wired network they install is neat and discreet. Part of making sure that the network is neat, depends on the type of networking tools and accessories used. Subpar networking won’t look tidy especially if it begins breaking, coming loose or just looking rather shoddy over the years that it is in place.

Wired networks might also require a little maintenance from time to time, which is why it is important to have a wide selection of tools at your permanent disposal, so if you get called out, you will have the tools close by.


Switchcom supplies all of the must have tools for network installation, and when creating a wired network, these are the tools you need to have.


Crimping Tool

This is the go-to networking tool for every installation expert. Without it, the network cannot be put together. A crimping tool makes it possible to connect a connector to the networking cable. There are some tools that have their own wire cutter at the end which is ideal if you are cutting phone cables or something else that is a little more difficult to cut through.

To use this tool, the wires needing crimping will be placed into the connector. Then the jack with wires will be inserted into the slot of the crimping tool. Once this is done, the handles are squeezed.

When the cutting is done, the wires will be held in place, stopping them from moving around or coming out once the connector is added. The data being transmitted will move through the wire without an issue. We recommend the Crimping Tool RJ9, RJ11, RJ12 and RJ45.


Network Cable Tester

Should a network cable stop working, finding the source of the problem is made easy with a Network Cable Tester. The Tester will help you check out the continuity of the cable and as such determine the strength of the signal. If connectivity issues are found, they can be quickly fixed.

When using a Network Cable Tester, make sure that the cable has been disconnected (it should not be live). Testers come in two parts, which include the connecter and the remote. To use the tester, all you have to do is connect the cable to the correct port and then connect the remote to the other end. Our UTP Cable Tester is a bestseller.


Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

These tools are used to put the networking cables in place and keep them there. This is all a part of making sure that the networking looks neat and tidy. Glue guns are really easy to use. The glue sticks are inserted in the appropriate slots, the guns are plugged in and the stick is heat up until it is liquid and can easily applied.

The glue is spread over the networking cable and then the cable is attached to a surface. It will dry within seconds, making it a quick and easy process.


Earth Resistance

An earth resistance tool is used to ensure that there are no dangerous electrical issues that could cause harm either during the installation or once the network is in place. The tool can test the wires and other networking fixtures, and since it is a handheld device, it can be taken with you wherever you go. We have the Earth Resistance Ohm Reader available to by online.


Distribution Multi-Purpose Tone and Probe Kit

A Switchcom product that is without a doubt a must, the tool can be used to identify and track groups of wires, without causing damage to the installation. It is ideal for phone cables and can be used quite effectively for phone line installation, maintenance and problem solving.