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Extralink South Africa Wired and Wireless Internet Solutions


Every living space and office can benefit from having a reliable internet set up. Extralink South Africa provides everything needed to get your client connected to the World Wide Web. From the most modern routers to durable fiber optic cables, and even the relevant software, Extralink has it all.

Extensive networking setups have become the norm in our digitally driven lives and everyone from large corporate conglomerates to small start-ups and even residential homes has the need for a reliable internet connection. And reliability is only possible when the right networking solutions have been correctly installed.

You don’t need to be told about the importance of having the right tools to setup a clients’ network. As a service provider, you already know just how much your clients depend on you to make sure that their internet connection is fast and stable. Instead of taking a chance, opting for Extralink devices and networking accessories, is the way to go.

Although there are many networking companies flooding the industry with their products, not all products are made equal. Extralink goes the extra mile to make sure that their clients receive a product manufactured to work as it should. The company aims to meet the client expectations and their selection of high-quality products are custom made according to the exact needs of the clients.


By placing the clients first, Extralink is able to provide everyone with the opportunity to access fast broadband internet that always keeps them connected.


Extralink has a range of networking accessories and devices, and their range of products are continuously under development.

The client base who will benefit from these products include both direct consumers and those service providers who are dedicated to equipping their clients with what they need in order to stay connected.

The products can be used to both develop a new network or expand on and improve an existing one. Doing either is made easy with the use of fiber optic communication systems. The company also supplies everything needed for wired Ethernet connections.

In terms of software, Extralink has developed and continues to grow a selection of Firmware to support their EPON and GPON devices. Compatible software can be downloaded from their website, so if you are using Extralink products for your clients, you can assess the Firmware for free.

Currently, Firmware available from Extralink includes Raptor Firmware, Predator Firmware and Venus Firmware.

To purchase Extralink products, buyers can look to the distributors and suppliers based throughout the world. If you are looking to buy Extralink products in South Africa, Switchcom should be your supplier of choice. We supply their best products, at the most affordable prices.


Extralink Products

The product catalogue is continuously developing and growing at a steady rate, and as Extralink adds or updates their products, their clients have the opportunity to improve the way that they, or their clients, access the web.

At the moment, these are the Extralink products available:



The router is the most important device in the entire networking setup. It is the connection which sends data packets to and from the computer or laptop, and the network. Basically, it allows the user to connect to the web.

Extralink’s current routers include the Raptor EPON OLT 1U, the Predator EPON OLT, the Luna V2 EPON 1GE, the Eris FTTH GPON ONU, the Jowisz ONU EPON, the Kallisto 1GE+CATV EPON ONU, and the Orion EPON 4GE. Some of the routers are made for wired internet connections while others have been made for wireless connectivity.



Fibre internet is all the rage right now, and for good reason. It is faster than the conventional cabling and it is also far less prone to breaking. Both businesses and residences can benefit from this type of cabling and seeing that the cabling won’t need replacing often, it is a great investment.

Some of the fibre cabling offered by Extralink include the 1.25G 1310NM 20KM SM DDM SFP Module, the SFP RJ45 1.25G 100M, and the SFP+ 10G 1310 40KM LC DUP DDM. The cabling is available in different lengths, enabling the installer to customise their service to suit all kinds of clients.



Port panels are used to increase the number of connections a router and other devices can support. Most routers come with a standard number of ports, and often this standard number is not enough, especially for businesses with numerous computers all needing to access the web from one or two routers.

Extralink has solved this problem by supplying clients with port panels which can be used to increase the connection capacity of the router. Clients can buy panels that allow for up to 12 connections.



A rackmount is a neat and much needed accessory for the network set up. They are used to pack away devices and wires, while they also serve the very important role of making sure that the devices remain cool and capable of functioning at full capacity. Some rackmounts are made to suit specific devices, and ideally, they should be installed by someone who knows what they are doing.

Extralink rackmounts are designed to mount their devices, so it helps to work with an Extralink supplier, to ensure that you know what you are doing.


Switchcom and Extralink

As official South African suppliers of Extralink products, Switchcom is dedicated to helping clients get access to the best that Extralink has to offer. We are also committed to helping you with expert advice and guidance.

Switchcom is available on public holidays as well as during the Christmas/New Year period, for any emergency situations, and we aim to keep our prices low so that our clients can easily budget in the products they need. Contact us today for more information.