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ALGcom South Africa

ALGcom is present at the market since 2003, when it started to offer telecommunications consulting and services. In 2007, the company expanded its actuation through developing indoor cellular coverage projects to the major mobile operators at United States. You can find a range of ALGcom South Africa products in our online store.

In 2008 the company faced transformations at starting the production of antennas and telecommunication accessories. Proud of owning 100% national production and technology, ALGcom currently offers to the market high performance products focused on innovation and research and development. In Brazil, ALGcom has the government benefit for being a informatics incentive supplier.


ALGcom South Africa Case Studies

  • Case Megamax, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Parabolic Shielded Antenna
  • Point to Point
  • Antenna ALGcom: Parabolic Shielded Antenna 0.3 m (PS-5800-22-03-DP)
  • Link: 10 Km
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Radio: rocket m5

“Megamax would like to commend ALGcom for a well-made antenna. The bracket alone makes it simple to install. Easy alignment and quick installation. We are really impressed with the front to back noise rejection. These antennas really work very well. We have added more capacity to our backhaul link as a result. Well done Algcom!”

Ashraf - Megamax Wireless Solutions.

  • Case Royal Telecom
  • Link: 54km
  • Throughput: 200 mega full
  • Antenna size: 120cm
  • Radio InfiNet

 " We at Royal Telecom assemble the ALGcom antennas to give a high capacity solution. The simplicity of the antenna assemble, allows that we do this in a very short time, speeding up the process. At the alignment moment, this process is fast and efficient giving all expected results and keeping in the predetermined values. For this, we strongly recommend ALGcom antennas!" Guillermo Saenz – Royal Telecom

  • Case Avato
  • Parabolic Shielded Antenna
  • Point to Point
  • Antenna ALGcom: Parabolic Shielded Antenna 0,6 m (PS-5800-29-06-DP)
  • Enlace: 33 km
  • Radio: Ubiquiti Rocket M5
  • Throughput: 60 Mbps
  • Parabolic Shielded Antenna
  • Point to Point
  • Antenna ALGcom: Parabolic Shielded Antenna 0.3 m (PS-5800-22-03-DP)
  • Link: 2.5 km
  • Radio: Ubiquiti Rocket M5
  • Throughput: 80 Mbps


Is ALGcom a good brand?

ALGcom is a Brazilian company with high standards and quality in its products. Their products are tested by the quality standard in both equipment and customer service. With innovative products and high performance.


What are the different ALGcom antennas?

  • Dish Antennas

Generally used in low interference environments, the ALGcom Dish Antennas features good bandwidth, are suitable for point-to-point solutions and provides stable links with maximum throughput over short or long distances.


What are the benefits of a dish antenna?

- Excellent bandwidth (ALGcom Dish Antenna has an excellent bandwidth (4.9 - 5.875 GHz), giving more flexibility in the radio configuration to point-to-point links.)

- Fast and easy installation

- Light and elegant design

  • Ultra High-Performance Parabolic Shielded Antennas

In high interference environments, the ALGcom Ultra High-Performance Parabolic Shielded Antennas offers a higher radiation efficiency due to their lateral shielding. The radome increases life cycle and link performance on rainy days. These antennas provide more stable links with maximum throughput and suppressed secondary lobes at levels below -57 dB of isolation.


What are the benefits of a Parabolic Shielded Antenna?

- Excellent shielding

- State-of-the-art computational tool design

- High irradiation performance with excellent noise immunity

- Robust support and easy alignment


Why is the ALGcom UHP antenna is more concave than the others?

The advantage of this antenna being more concave is that the feeder is positioned more inside the reflector, increasing the shield. Check the datasheet diagram and talk to our team at Switchcom Distribution for more tips on ALGcom.

  • Ultra High-Performance Extreme Parabolic Antennas

The best antenna in the world, now with the best shielding in the world!

The new ALGcom antennas are arriving in the market within a huge innovation! The deep dish reflector, who used to guarantee excellent shielding all along the frequency band, now gets reinforcement from the shield, making the UHPX antennas perfect to extremely noise places.

  • Asymmetrical Horn Antennas(15dBi)

It provides double coverage with the same gain as conventional panels. It has excellent shielding properties that ensure secondary lobes reduction and high isolation against noise.

  • Wide Band Asymmetrical Horn Antennas(19dbi)

The Wide Band Asymmetrical Horn Antenna offers high gain, high vertical beamwidth and incredible secondary lobes reduction. They provide excellent coverage with the best signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), increase the immunity of the network against noise and interference. They also allow the deployment of more equipment in the same site. Antennas have been designed and tested from 4.9 to 6.425 GHz ensuring all diagram, isolation and VSWR properties throughout this band.

  • Deep Dish reflectors:

The Deep-Dish Reflectors refer to the shape of the reflector of the antennas of the Full Band Parabolic Antennas line. This reflector is deeper in comparison to parabolic reflectors, which were used until then in our antennas.
This reflector provides the same gain that we already obtained with the old one, but the bandwidth obtained is incredibly greater. While we had values between 5.0 and 6.0 GHz, with the deep dish we managed to reach 4.9 to 6.425 GHz.
The deep-dish reflector, thanks to its deeper shape, also guarantees excellent shielding over the entire frequency band of the antenna, making the use of the shield between the radome and the reflector unnecessary.
In addition, it has an exceptional VSWR, which covers more spectrum, ensuring less noise and less secondary lobes.


Know the best antenna in the world!

The Full Band Parabolic Antenna offers to the market a high technology level to operate from 4.9 to 6.425 GHz.

In addition, it has the exclusive ALGcom seal that demonstrates the noise suppression.Know the values:
      -46dB for model UHP-5800-30-06-DP
      -40dB for model UHP-5800-25-03-DP

Contact Switchcom Distribution and request your quote.


Do you know what a half power beam width is?

The half power beam width on an antenna is defined by the points in the diagram where the radiated power equals half the power in the main direction.


What is a wireless antenna?

A Wireless Antenna is an important component of the complete wireless network. It is responsible for sending and receiving the radio waves over different frequencies. The power gain of an antenna decides its strength. It is measured in decibels (dB).


What is an ALGcom antenna?

ALGcom's Ultra High-Performance antennas were designed based on high technology to ensure the best performance for unlicensed and licensed frequency bands. They are used for point-to-point wireless links and have a back coupling for shielded boxes as well as a special bracket system that allows an easy and precise link alignment.


What are the benefits of an ALGcom antenna?

  • Lightness
  • Excellent bandwidth and excellent cost/benefit
  • High performance products
  • Flexibility
  • Durability
  • Reliability


How reliable is Algcom Products?

They are a Manufacturer of high-performance products focused on innovation, specialized in antennas and accessories for the telecommunications sector.

ALGcom has already been up and running for 15 years with the following achievements:

  • 4 Years Iso 9001 Certification
  • +100 Products that they sell
  • 31 Partnered Distributors
  • Over 3000 Satisfied Customers
  • +40 000 links installed
  • + 80 000 Manufactured antennas


Where to use the ALGcom high performance antenna?

In high interference environments, the ALGcom Ultra High-Performance Shielded Antennas are state-of-the-art antennas, with the highest shielding on the market. The ultra-efficient shield combined with the RF absorber foam and a new lens technology guarantee suppressed secondary lobes at levels below -50 dB.


Where can I find algcom antennas in south Africa?

ALGcom antenna suppliers in South Africa - Switchcom Distribution

What does algcom antennas cost? It varies between the different Antenna’s that you are looking for.


What is a horn antenna?

Horn antennas are used for point-to-multipoint links. they can also be called sectors. These antennas were developed to replace the old OMNIS and panels, once these two-last types of antenna have a bunch of side-lobes, which is interference for the links.


Horn antenna price?

It varies between the different ones that you are looking for; it would be best to contact Switchcom Distribution and ask them for the specific one.


What are mounting boxes/Armored boxes used for?

Protection of the radio against external noise and increased equipment life.

The armored boxes protect the antenna-radio interface and shield the external interference from the radio, cables and connectors. In addition, they avoid exposing the cables and connectors to weathering, increasing the equipment’s useful life.


What are the best network antennas?

Each specific antenna has a gain rating or dBi (decibel isotropic) number which coincides with the performance. The higher the dBi rating the larger the area the signal covers. Keeping that in mind and thinking about what your specific needs are you can begin to narrow down what antenna is best for you.


How long is my warranty on ALGcom products?

These antennas come equipped with a 3-year warranty and feature a 100% aluminium structure. The ALGcom range does not only include antennas but also horn ... connection with maximum throughput over short & long distances.


What are the most popular products for ALGcom?

Ultra High Performance Antennas

  • Operates from 4.9GHz - 6.425GHz
  • Deep dish antennas with great RF noise isolation
  • Best cost benefit for places with moderated interference

Ultra High Performance Extreme Antennas

  • Operates from 4.9GHz - 6.425GHz
  • Deep dish antennas with extra shield, ideal for places with extreme noise


Algcom Compatibilities:

Algcom 11 Ghz Parabolic Dish                                                   Mimosa 10.0-11.7 GHz Radio

PS-10900-30-03M                                                                             MIM-B11

Specifications:                                                                                   Specifications:

  • 0.3m • 1.5Gbps Aggregate Speed
  • 30dBi Front-to-back ratio: >48dB • 1ms Latency
  • Beamwidth: 4.1G°
Algcom 5Ghz Dish Antenna                                                         Mimosa 4.9-6.2Ghz Radio

PA-6100-29-06                                                                                   MIM-B5C

Specifications:                                                                                   Specifications:

  • 0.3m • 1.5Gbps Aggregate Speed
  • Front-to-back ratio: >48dB                                 • 1ms  Latency
  • Beamwidth: 6.2°


Point to point connection (PTP)

a Wireless data link between two fixed points. This helps save money by not having to pay for a second internet line, increases convenience by using your current service, and the ability to use internet and apps in places where you couldn't before.

To ensure the best point-to-point link, it is essential to know how to correctly align an antenna! After all, an antenna has a radiation diagram with several secondary lobes, but to achieve the best signal results, it is mandatory that the primary lobe is reached. For more details on the subject, watch the video we have prepared for you!


Point to multi-point connection (PTMP)

In Wireless communications, Point-to-Multipoint communication (P2MP, PTMP or PMP) is communication which is accomplished via a distinct type of one-to-many connection, providing multiple paths from a single location to multiple locations.

For P2MP, a central antenna or antenna array broadcasts to several receiving antennas and the system uses either Frequency Division Multiplexing or time-division multiplexing to allow for bidirectional traffic flow.

Learning how to interpret the antenna graphics is essential to understand about its performance and obtain the best result in the field!

In all antennas developed by ALGcom, graphs with information like the VSWR, values, that is how much energy or power the antenna reflects, are sent to the costumer.

In addition, the values of port-to-port insulation - a measure of how much one door is isolated from the other in the antenna, are also sent with the product. To better understand the graphics, watch our video.