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Affordable Alternative Power Solutions

Making the switch to alternative energy is a lot easier than many would imagine, even more so when you have access to all of the equipment needed to make the move.

The best way to keep your company, or that of your client, powered at an affordable price, is to opt for one of our many alternative power solutions. From the best ups power supply prices in South Africa, to chargers, batteries, and multi plugs and powerful solar panels… We have everything you need, all under one roof.

In an age when companies always need to be online, or at least connected to the digital world throughout a 9-5 working day, while trying to compete for business in a country with a less than reliable power source, having a variety of power related solutions is the obvious, and best, choice.

Switchcom caters to companies of all shapes and sizes, who are looking to improve their power situation by giving them the option of choosing from a variety of alternative power solutions.

Our products include those from some of the world’s best brands and we’ve sourced them in such a way that they are available at cost-effective prices, allowing everyone to access them. Our catalogue of products covers everything you could possibly need.

Although our alternative power products can be bought by anyone, we primarily focus on working with companies offering installation services of this kind. And for this reason we have financing plans while we are also more than happy to share advice and helpful information so that they can get the most out of the equipment and products they buy.

The Importance of having Alternative Energy 

Anytime the power takes a dip, or a blackout is experienced, money is lost and business goals are set back. Not only are blackouts a threat to business, but the ever increasing prices for power are just as problematic for business.

Luckily, companies don’t have to sit in the dark and they can save on their power consumption, as long as they have access to alternative power solutions.

And then there is the fact that not all companies are stationary. Some are on the move and require an easy to carry around power source that is not only reliable but fully capable of providing electricity over long periods. For these businesses, batteries and quality chargers are a must, and that is exactly what we stock.

Companies have the option of moving their power entirely over to an alternative source, or they can simply add a few alternative options, for those moments when they need it.

Switchcom’s Alternative Energy Solutions

When working with the right supplier, like Switchcom, you can be sure that you have access to absolutely everything you need. As an alternative energy supplier, you can offer your client more, while if you are an independent company looking for affordable power options, we have everything you need. 

Energy products consist of not only the actual device, but also all of the wires, connectors and plugs needed to keep them up and running. Each product is manufactured from the best possible materials and will not only be incredibly reliable but also durable, meaning they are sure to have a long lifespan.

Currently, these are our most popular alternative energy products that you can get your hands on.


Rechargeable and reliable, having a battery as an occasional power source is a fantastic way to keep your devices going when you are away from a more conventional power source. We stock our own in-house brand of batteries as well as Omnipower products, which have a great reputation for keeping things running.


A charger is a must and one of the many great things about it is that it can be taken everywhere. Some of our bestselling chargers include the Switchcom Converter 24VDC 12VDC 5amp, the Mean Well 24v/1000w Charger, the Mean Well 24v/600w Charger, the Victron 12v 10A Charger, and the Mean Well PB-1000 24 Intelligent Battery Charger.

The chargers are compatible with a variety of different devices and they are completely safe.


Our bestselling electrical products include Earth Rods, Reboot Switch-Push Buttons, No-Contact Reboot Switches, and all the cabling that could possibly be necessary. Our cabling is available in different lengths to accommodate a variety of projects.

Multi Plugs

We stock a wide range of multi plugs, including 8-way plug-in adapters with surge, 8-way plug-in adapters with surge and 5m cord, 2-pin Euromate converters, male plugs, 2-pin Schuko converters, female plugs, 2-way multi plugs, 5-way multi plugs, and 3 way multi plugs.

The multi plugs can be attached to a wall or another kind of surface or they can be discreetly set up out of the way while still being easy to access.

PoE Injectors

We have one of the widest ranges of PoE injectors all available via our website. With brands including TRENDnet, Ubiquiti, MikroTik, Mimosa, and Switchcom’s own in-house products, companies can easily find the ideal PoE injector for their specific needs.

Power Supplies

A power supply is the main power component for all computers and any IT or networking professional knows that when they go bust, replacing them with something reliable is the only option. Switchcom stocks Cambium, Mean Well, MikroTik, TRENDnet, and in-house brands.

Solar Panels

A small solar panel often provides more than enough energy to all sorts of devices, including desktop computers, routers, printers and more. We currently stock EnerSol solar panels which are the perfect size for small companies looking to go somewhat off the grid.

Surge Protection

South Africa’s grid power supply is less than reliable, and having surge protection is one way to keep devices safe when power dips. We stock Surge Protection Plugs, Device Surge Protectors, and Outdoor Lightning Arrestor kits from brands which include Mimosa Networks, Cambium Networks, TRENDnet and Ubiquiti.


It is the nifty device that really saves a company when the power goes out. A UPS is a must have and since they are available in a range of sizes, it is easier than ever before to select the right one. We stock Proline, Linkqnet, KSTAR, APC, and ALGcom UPS devices.