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Manufacturing Next-Generation Firewall


Fortinet South Africa


One of the single-most important security features that every company, and remote worker, should do their research about and invest in, is a firewall. With so much of our work, and in many ways our lives, being on the World Wide Web, it is vital that vulnerability is reduced and data is protected.

Firewalls have been around for years, and they continue to play a vital role in the way that we interact with the internet. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, a firewall is a security network which is designed to monitor the movement of internet traffic. The network will either allow the data to come and go or it will block it, depending on how its rules have been set up.

All firewalls work on the basic principle of analysing the traffic it is receiving from the web and then filtering out any undesirable data, the kind that could end up harming the end user. Data being received from unsafe, unsecured sources or sources that are deemed to be suspicious are the focus of firewalls, as often these sources are hackers or virus laden data.


The firewall is a virtual guard. And there is a wide variety of types, including the highly regarded next-generation firewall.

Offering firewalls for enterprises of all shapes and sizes, Fortinet South Africa is a leading digital security company focusing primarily on the creation of superb software and hardware that is guaranteed to protect the user from any and all online threats.

The company has evolved over the years, producing a wide range of popular products that are used the world over. Fortinet understands that we thrive in a hyper-connected world and that security in such a world is of paramount importance. Fortinet is security driven and focused on continuously creating the best possible firewall products.

From service providers to leading business enterprises and government organisations, Fortinet is renowned for empowering its customers. The firewalls are designed to offer unbeatable protection and peak performance, ensuring that high-quality protection is consistently provided.

Today, their security products are exported all over the world, including South Africa, and their firewalls are used by more than 450 000 customers. Fortinet products are ideal for all sorts of environments as well, and have been used for Cloud, Networked, Mobile and Application based set ups.

The way in which their products have been designed allows those who use them to focus on being innovative without having to worry about their cyber security. To achieve this, the company creates the kind of platforms which provide broad visibility for the possible digital attack areas which ensures that risks are easier to manage.Easy integration with other solutions will reduce the need for complicated systems, and full automation will allow for increased work and response speeds.


Fortinet South Africa is also the only cyber security company to build custom security processing unit technology which keeps costs low and performance high. Although they have a catalogue of exceptional products, their leading product is FortiGate.


FortiGate is one of the company’s most sought-after business firewalls. This product is available in a range of sizes and it is designed to work perfectly in all kinds of environments. FortiGate is the next-generation firewall of choice and its tremendous effectiveness has been validated by all sorts of cyber security analysts, industry media publications, testing labs, and those companies already benefitting from the system.

Seeing that Fortinet has well over 20 years of experience and a global team consistently introducing innovation to their products, there should be no surprises when more cyber security experts suggest using Fortinet firewalls.


What are next-generation firewalls?

Initially, firewalls were rather basic. But they were basic because the online threats were not quite as advanced as they are today.

As threats became more apparent, and more problematic for business, next-generation firewalls became the go-to option. Using a combination of the traditional firewall technology that once worked so well, and new innovations to cater for the new, more advanced threats, firewalls became capable of providing encrypted traffic inspections, advanced anti-virus, and intrusion prevention technology.

The firewall features also allowed for the examination of data within the packet itself, something that previous versions of firewalls could not do. This feature allows the firewall to not only stop dangers, but it also works to identify and categorise the packets carrying the potential threat. 


Switchcom and Fortinet

Along with providing the highly regarded FortiGatefirewall, Switchcom, as a partner of Fortinet, also provides a range of other fantastic Fortinet advanced products.

Switchcom provides an entire digital setup by supplying all of the products you could possibly need to give your clients everything they require for reliable internet connectivity. Our solutions are available from some of the industry’s leading developers and manufacturers, and are provided at cost effective prices.

To provide our clients with an all-around service, we also offer a variety of financing options, to help our clients take on bigger projects and essentially, grow their businesses.

For more information about what we offer and how we can assist you, you can contact Switchcom via our website.