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Cambium Networks South Africa


Cambium Networks South Africa is a leading global provider of wireless broadband solutions that connect the unconnected — People, Places and Things.

Is cambium network available in South Africa?

Yes, you can always take a look at


Where can I buy Cambium Products in South Africa?

Cambium products can be purchased from Switchcom distribution, please have a look at our website or call any of our trusted sales experts to assist.


Cambium networks IPO date

Cambium Networks is registered under the ticker NASDAQ:CMBM. Their stock opened with $13.00 in its Jun 13, 2019 IPO.


Case Studies


cnVision Makes the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix Safer with Instant Connectivity for Video Surveillance


“Without interference, latency, delays or signal loss, the solution allowed Formula One to have high-quality images to monitor the safety of visitors to the event.” – CRISTIANO FELICISSIMO, PRE-SALES DIRECTOR LATAM, SEAL TELECOM.

Formula One’s (F1) fanbase is global and increasing. More fans and larger events meant F1 needed to heighten their security. When the F1 Brazilian Grand Prix needed a video surveillance solution, they used cnVision to provide connectivity for cameras to keep visitors entering the grounds under safe watch.


Textra Transforms Indian Port and Construction Roads With Wireless Connectivity


“Our client is now using wireless solutions from Cambium as both their primary and failover communications network.” – SANDEEP VARMA, MANAGING DIRECTOR, TEXTRA SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD.

Choosing the right wireless technology is vital to success. Based on the reliable communications performance over their wireless network, this port in India is using Cambium Networks’ wireless products as both their primary and secondary communication systems. They consistently depend on Cambium Networks’ radios to keep cargo moving smoothly.


Dunamare Education Group Enriches Learning by Providing Wi-Fi in All Indoor Areas


“Now, learning doesn’t stop when the bell rings. Students can connect to the Xirrus Wi-Fi network to do homework from anywhere on campus.” – BASTIAAN GROENEVELD, DUNAMARE EDUCATION GROUP

Teachers take advantage of the Wi-Fi to engage students and enliven the classroom, administrators work more efficiently and students can watch video lessons after school on smartphones and tablets.





EPMP  "PMP" stands for Point-to-MultiPoint. "e" in ePMP is what brings the world closer. That "E" stands for equalize, a term that takes our existing Point-to-Multipoint solutions to the next level.

Launched in late 2013, ePMP solutions lay the groundwork for uncompromised wireless broadband connectivity and support in the world's developing community. The highly reliable Point to Multi-Point (PMP) fixed broadband solution products are scalable, and affordable. ePMP makes it immensely easy for citizens in all parts of the world to communicate and access voice, data, and video applications without having to compromise on quality. Be it video surveillance or participating in a national debate or simply getting-in-touch with your loved-ones, ePMP opens doors to a world of possibilities with its state-of-the-art features. Wireless service providers and enterprises need reliable, high-quality broadband connectivity that can be rapidly deployed and expanded. With ePMP, no problem.


Where can I get the best price on Cambium EPMP?

Depending on the product you are looking for from Cambium, but take a look at


Where is the cambium epmp radios manufactured?

Headquartered in Rolling Meadows, IL, outside Chicago, and with R&D centers in the U.S.; Ashburton, England.; and Bangalore, India; Cambium Networks sells through a range of trusted global distributors.



The cnMatrix™ portfolio is a family of switches that are purpose-built for different use cases and deployment scenarios. As you can see in our press release, we’re very excited to be formally launching Cambium Networks’ EX 2k line of switches. The EX 2k switches are enterprise-grade layer-2/layer-3 switches targeted at the wired/wireless enterprise access layer. Initially the EX 2k line of switches includes four models. These switches are fully equipped with 8 or 24 1GE access ports, 2 SFP or 4 SFP+ uplink ports, a true OOB (Out of Band) network management port, a local RJ45 console port, and a USB port for file management. Two of the four models are PoE-capable and have a very substantial power budget for supporting 802.3af/at across all access ports. cnMatrix’s Cloud Managed Intelligent Edge architecture enables customers of all sizes to deliver on the promise of a unified access network that is enterprise grade and more affordable than traditional enterprise vendor solutions.


Access Points

Access Points - Cambium Networks 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi products with advanced management capabilities deliver high capacity and fast installation in an affordable package – to connect people, places and things. Cambium Networks offers secure, scalable, cloud-managed solutions for home, small business, and both indoor and outdoor enterprise local Wi-Fi network applications.

Each 802.11ac and 802.11n edge and enterprise Wi-Fi access point can be installed in new or existing wireless local area networks – even those from other network equipment manufacturers – and together with one-stop, intelligent remote diagnostics that ensure rapid deployment and simple operation, it’s never been easier to connect the unconnected


Cambium e410 Indoor

The plenum-rated cnPilot™ e410 with 2×2 MU-MIMO packs a max transmit power of 25 dBm and channels up to 80MHz wide on 5 GHz – offering more flexibility than ever for both coverage and capacity.

Product features:

  • Frequency bands: 2.4 GHz: 2400-2484 MHz 5 GHz: 5150-5850 MHz
  • SSID: 16 SSIDs across 2 radios
  • Range: 180 m (650 Ft)


Cambium cnPilot e600 Indoor

Stay on top of the latest standards with the high-powered, Gigabit speed, beamforming, Multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) 802.11ac wave 2 e600 access point with a 4×4 antenna array.

  • Standards: IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wave 2 | Other standards: 802.11 h/d/r/u/w/
  • MIMO Streams: 2x2 (2.4 GHz), 4x4 (5 GHz) MIMO streams.
  • Range: 250 m (800 Ft)
  • Concurrent Clients: 512
  • Max Data Rate: 1.73 Gbps (1,733 Mbps)


Where do I get best prices on cambium access points?

It all depends on the specific switch that you are interested in, but have a look at the range that are selling.


What is a CPE?

CPE stands for Consumer Premises Equipment, so in other words physical devices that need to be installed at your house. CPE device is the Customer Premises Device that connects to the fibre and provides a connection point for your router. This is usually provided by your service provider.


What is a Managed CPE?

A secure, end-to-end data or voice network service with fully managed on-site equipment.



  • Scalable - Subscription based-model offers custom packages and flexible terms with no deposit required up front.
  • Tailored solution - An end-to-end design, implementation and management tailored to your needs.
  • System maintenance - Single point of contact for 24x7 troubleshooting and maintenance support.


How does Cambium Switches improve network performance?

  • Cambium Switches are more energy efficient
  • Flexible Power over Ethernet (PoE) options


What is an End-to-End Network?

Connect the entire field area network and manage the system from one dashboard.


Why Cambium?

Customers choose Cambium Networks over other systems because they “just work” the first time – and don’t stop. They understand and value the demands of mission critical communications and deliver solutions that safeguard customers vital connectivity.

Cambium Networks Coverage

Communication coverage is customizable for individual business needs. Operators and Planners can quickly and confidently design networks that reach urban, suburban, rural, and remote locations with the throughput, reliability, and security required to support necessary applications - with minimal investment in communications infrastructure.


What are the benefits Cambium?

Benefits of Cambium Networks products include:

  • A true GPS Sync solution for spectral efficiency and higher throughput.
  • eFortify – mitigate external interference through the use of adaptive modulation and “air fairness”.
  • Automatic Transmit Power Control – never over or undershoot the target with this function that mitigates self-interference.
  • Powerful quality of Service – highest priority given to VoIP, with the ability to prioritise subscriber modules within your network.
  • Extend your wireless network into your customer’s home or business with a managed WiFi solution.
  • A cloud-based solution to monitor, manage and troubleshoot your network, from outdoor wireless up to indoor Wi-Fi access points.


Cambium Popular Products:

ePMP Force 200 - 5 GHz

The ePMP™ Force 200 5 GHz adds a subscriber module and point-to-point (PTP) radio to ePMP’s 5 GHz line of products and provides superior throughput of over 200 Mbps of real user data. Long range deployment is enabled by the 25 dBi antenna. Configurable Modes of operation ensure robust adaptivity to both symmetrical and asymmetrical traffic while providing high performance and round-trip latency as low as 2 – 3 ms.



  • Cambium Networks’ ePMP Force 200 is designed to operate in high interference environments and provides superior throughput of over 200 Mbps of real user data.
  • Configurable Modes of operation ensure robust adaptivity to both symmetrical and asymmetrical traffic while providing high performance and round-trip latency as low as 2 – 3 ms.
  • QoS management offers an outstanding quality for triple play services – VoIP, video and data and provides three levels of traffic priority.
  • Long deployment range is enabled by a high gain antenna combined with 30 dBm of transmit power.
  • This platform can be configured as a Subscriber Module or a high gain PTP radio.

ePMP Force 190

The ePMP™ Force 190 provides up to 200 Mbps throughput and low latency with a high gain antenna in a compact design.



  • Channel Spacing - Configurable on 5 MHz increments.
  • Frequency Range - 4910 - 5970 MHz, 4.9 only for ROW.
  • Channel Width - 5 | 10 | 20 | 40 MHz


ePMP™ Force 180

The ePMP Force 180 is the second generation of ePMP Integrated Radio Modules. It has the exceptional reliability and quality that users have come to expect from the ePMP product line and adds some significant performance enhancements. This radio comes in a small, sleek form factor but delivers high performance. The antenna gain is increased by 3 dB to 16 dBi which will provide a 40% increase in range. It comes equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet port so that nothing will limit this product in delivering the maximum throughput. The radio module is powered by PoE and the Ethernet port has the unique capability of being powered from a PoE injector that conforms to standard pinouts or from a PoE injector that conforms to Cambium pinouts. This makes it possible to upgrade existing radio locations to the Force 180 without changing the PoE injector. It also includes an adjustable mounting bracket that eases the task of installing and properly aligning the radio.



  • GROWTH AND SCALABILITY The ePMP 1000 delivers high capacity and reliable connectivity right from the start. As a provider’s business grows, it can expand its network while ensuring resiliency and increasing profitability.
  • QUALITY OF SERVICE (QOS) allows you to confidently offer triple play services – VoIP (Voice over IP), video and data. Providing your customers with excellent service quality ensures their continued loyalty and transforms them into advocates, helping WISPs and enterprises expand their business.
  • PROVEN RELIABILITY has created an unsurpassed connectivity standard in many industries that depend on fixed wirelessbroadband. Our products undergo rigorous testing and are made from high-quality components.