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Western Digital South Africa - Empowering the World’s Data Infrastructure

Western Digital South Africa is one of the best known brand names in the networking and data business. They manufacture a range of products used daily in all sorts of places, from the big corporations needing hardworking, durable appliances that can stand up to the tough day to day tasks, down to the family home just looking for reliable systems to keep them connected.

Data, and the way that we use it and store it, has changed the way that we function in the world. In business, the use of data is of paramount importance, as it can not only make or break a business, but it can become the main factor that determines the overall growth of a company. Western Digital dedicates it’s time to being innovative with data use and storage, giving companies and homes more reliable options for their needs.

About Western Digital South Africa

Today it is one of the biggest manufacturers of electronics, specifically for the computer and networking world, but like many of its competitors, Western Digital comes from humble beginnings.

The company was founded on the 23rd of April 1970, by Alvin B Philips. At the time he was working for Motorola, manufacturing test equipment.

Soon after Western Digital got on its feet, it gained a reputation for specialising in semiconductors. The company thrived on start-up investments, which included an investment from Emerson Electric, a popular industrial company.

Since then the company has cemented a global client base and it continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Innovating is at the centre of everything they do. And through the manufacturing of superb products, and their continuous support for those using the products, Western Digital prides itself as being with its customers every step of the way.

And this is quite literal, as their products can be used in just about every aspect of modern life.

Dedication to Innovation

Western Digital pushes boundaries and aims to bring to life what is considered by others to be impossible. They are passionate about technology and the team boasts many years of combined experience. The company invented the first hard drive and today they are working with 3D NAND, clearly pushing the industry to keep up with their incredible pace.

Their innovative approach to design and manufacturing also inspires those in the industry, as well as those who buy their products, to think big about just how far the possibilities of data can be stretched.

Their approach to innovation has ensured that the company thrives. On their website, clients and potential partners can find a list of their latest projects and learn all about their popular game changer series.

Western Digital has taken control of the future of data infrastructure and their history of innovation is at the centre of their heritage.

Global Reach

 With more than 40 years in the business, Western Digital has had more than enough time to cultivate a long lasting global reach. The company believes in the power and the potential of diversity, and they aim to learn from and emulate the diversity that they find in the communities they work with.

To create the best products and solutions for customers, and to create a fantastic working environment for employees, the company approaches their work from various perspectives, ensuring that they meet expectations.

The team is cultivated in a global environment of inclusion and through encouragement, respect, and by being given a sense of belonging, the company’s employees have every opportunity to grow in their experience and their skills.

The company’s leadership has also played a tremendous role in creating that global reach that Western Digital enjoys today. Through the use of intricately thought-out strategies and a clever approach to business operations, the company has managed to set up branches and partnerships across the world and as such they work to inspire leaders in other branches and divisions to think big about data, as well as the future of data driven products and solutions.

Also part of the company’s global goals is sustainability. Not just sustainability in the environmental sense, but also sustainability in the business sense. The company takes on the challenge to grow steadily while having a minimal carbon footprint and a beneficial impact on the communities in which it works.

Products and Solutions

Western Digital has an awe inspiring collection of products and solutions, the result of the 40 years they have been in business. Products are separated into Data Center, which concentrates mostly on storage devices and hardware, and Mobility, Edge and Computing, which consists of smartphones and tablets, surveillance systems, industrial devices, smart home systems, computing hardware, gaming hardware and more.

You can find a range of Western Digital SSD, hard drives and NAS storage drives at Switchcom.

The products are continuously reviewed and improved when new ideas come to light. Before the products are sold, they are properly tested to ensure that they are working just as they should. With Western Digital being such a global empire, most of the products come with a warranty. If the products are being bought via a partnering company, the terms of the warranty might vary.

Products are quite different from the solutions. Western Digital manufactures specific solutions for industries which include automotive and transportation, government, telecommunications, oil and gas, media and entertainment, banking and finance and health care. The company also has a range of solutions specifically for case use.

Solutions can be quickly implemented and used for years to come. One of the greatest things about Western Digital products is that they are flexible and can be adapted as the company grows and changes.

Switchcom and Western Digital

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