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The Best Networking Services & Affordable Networking Accessories

What all clients want, when exploring their options for networking solutions, is a team that can do it all. And in order to provide your client with the full service, you need to have everything close at hand when you arrive for a job. It doesn’t necessarily need to be in your tool box, but a call away at a supplier like Switchcom. We offer reliable networking services and quality networking accessories.

Switchcom has perfected the networking supplier business model. We’ve sought out all of the most talked about and trusted networking solutions manufacturers from across the world.

Networking and telecommunications companies will have everything they could possibly require when they chose us as their top networking solutions supplier. Not only can you look forward to a wide range of all sorts of products, but we also provide expert advice and sell our products at the lowest prices.

When it comes to networking services, you need to ensure that your company has the ability to stand out from the rest while also making sure that your bottom line is not badly affected. And you can ensure this by forming a partnership with the right supplier.


The Best Networking Services

Over the years, we have worked with some of South Africa’s foremost networking providers and narrowed down the kind of networking services that are the most commonly sought after by a variety of clients.

The most successful networking solution providers are those who are able to streamline their services and ensure that consistent, fast connectivity, for computers and IP Phones is their main drive.

These are a few of the solutions that the best networking companies offer their clients, and which we can help with by providing all the tools you could possibly need.


Routing and Switching

Arguably one of the most important parts of the entire networking set up, the router and organising the switches is necessary to get people connected and in business. For networking companies, these two vital pieces of hardware are at the very centre of the network and your company can get everything it needs from Switchcom.


Online Security

With everything being done online these days, having a proper online security firewall is what your clients are going to need in order to survive online. Networking companies generally offer some kind of service in this regard.



Telecommunications has completely revolutionised the telephone and it has become one of the many products that networking companies have on offer. VoIP makes communication clearer and easier than ever before, and with the right setup, it can become the perfect conferencing device as well.


Wired and Wireless Networking

Both homes and businesses benefit from having internet connectivity and it is up to the networking company to ensure that this is one of the services that they supply. Both types of web connectivity will require some hardware as well as software installation.


The Most Popular Networking Accessories

When working with Switchcom, you will have access to all of the networking accessories you could possibly need in order to carry out work of all kinds, especially those mentioned above.

No matter the size of the job you are working on, the right accessories will make or break the kind of service network providers can supply to their clients. From the basics to the most complicated devices, these are some of the items you can find in our online store.


Indoor and Outdoor Cables

Cabling is the only way that wired networks can be correctly connected. Networking companies rely on a selection of cabling which include both the indoor and outdoor types that are not only guaranteed to provide a stable connection, but which are also designed to withstand the elements (especially if they are going to be installed outside).

Cabling is available in different lengths and they can be covered in different colour covers to improve their lifespan by reducing the possibility of being damaged.



This unfixed connecting cable comes with the attachments needed to get the networking set up quickly. No crimping or size adjustments needed, when using the right length fly lead, work time is reduced.

We currently have the CAT5 and CAT6 flyleads from 0.25m upwards. Have a closer look at our site for our full selection.


Rack Mounts and Fixed Cabinets

To get the networking set up more organised, having a rack mount is of utmost importance. Rack mounts are commonly used within larger companies and they are designed to hold switches, servers, and routers, amongst other devices.

Fixed cabinets are another important feature when it comes to organising the network and can be used to hide devices neatly away.


Connectors, Boots and Termination Ends

All 3 of these devices are our best sellers.

These small but vital accessories are used at the ends of networking cables. The connectors are used to make the cabling connect to the network while the boots cover the connector and keep it safe. Termination ends are placed at the part of the cable where it connects to a device.

All of these are available on our website, at fantastic prices.


Why work with Switchcom?

As an all-round networking accessories, products and tools provider, we go above and beyond for our clients, to ensure that we assist them in any way that we can. From finding the best products, even if it means importing it from overseas, to giving great advice and even financial assistance, we can become your go to partner.

We export our products across South Africa, delivering orders within days of payment being received. Along with providing a range of popular products from around the world, we also have our own in-house manufactured products which are designed to service unique needs.