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Grandstream Networks South Africa

Award Winning IP Voice, Video, Data and Mobility Solutions


With high-quality VoIP being ahead of the game and truly the future of business communication, finding the ideal solution is made easy with the list of Grandstream Networks South Africa products that telecommunications suppliers have access to.

Telecommunications systems are a must for every company as they form the very fabric of the most basic communication between clients and staff. Modern telecommunications have come a very long way and as such, companies can look forward to more features than ever before. These systems are no longer just appliances, they are important tools that no enterprise can do without.

Along with all of the fantastic advances in technology, telecommunications systems are also made to be more affordable than in years gone by. This means more companies can enjoy all of the benefits that can come with having such a system that not only improves the way that people communicate but also helps a company to become better organised.


In business since 2002, Grandstream Networks South Africa is a well-known figure in the industry. Their advancements and their dedication to innovation has meant that this is a company that really knows what it is doing.


The brand has been built up around several concepts, including innovation, quality and reliability all to ensure that the company using the products is able to be more productive and provide clients with an all-round better service.

As the company has grown in leaps and bounds, their products and solutions are now used in companies in 150 countries across the globe. Their selection of high-quality products, their support services and the various tools at their disposal, are all guaranteed to give customers a trusted communications set-up.


From business conferencing, IP Voice Appliances, networking solutions, and physical security products, to trusted gateways and ATAs and reliable IP PBXs, Grandstream Networks truly has it all.


Grandstream Networks aims to get the world connected and today, their products are more productive and useful than ever before.

This award winning company is very much focused on serving small and medium companies as well as moving markets. Their products have won awards for meeting and going beyond client expectations, especially in terms of reliability, quality and innovating.

Grandstream Networks supplies affordable products which is what makes them ideal for growing companies. Their product features are truly unlike those of their competitors. The company not only has a fantastic understanding when it comes to manufacturing their telecommunications products, but they also know exactly how their products work.

With this knowledge, Grandstream Networks can provide their clients with ongoing support, ensuring that clients will always have access to the information they need in order to get the most out of their new systems.


Grandstream Networks Best Products

At this time, Grandstream Networks has an incredible 6 product categories, covering absolutely everything a company could need for their telecommunications setup. Each product is expertly manufactured and quality is a guarantee.

Business Conferencing

Not all companies have the need for business conferencing technology, but for those that do, the Grandstream Networks solutions are ideal for small and medium sized businesses. These exceptional systems are really easy to install, allowing even the most inexperienced company to grasp the basics.

These systems are also quite perfect for those companies that are growing in size and require a flexible system that will suit their developmental needs.

Naturally, the business conferencing systems come along with all of the features that make using this system a breeze. Business conferencing makes use of next level video and audio capabilities which allows for face-to-face communication while enhancing overall productivity.

IP Voice Telephony

IP Phones are a must for all companies who are looking to save money and to reduce downtime from failed telephone lines. IP Phones run off of an internet line and the IP Phones available from Grandstream Networks range from the most basic systems to high-end devices.

This means the phone systems are suitable for companies of all shapes and sizes, including the smaller ones that are only just getting off the ground.

Currently the systems include Carrier-Grade IP Phones, High End IP Phones, Basic IP Phones, Mid-Range IP Phones, Softphone App, Extension Modules, DECT Cordless Devices, and Wi-Fi Cordless Devices.

Networking Solutions

Networking is the glue that keeps the company’s computers internet connections up and running. The more powerful and secure networks are the ideal options because they are able to ensure consistent up time as well as a fast connection. With so much business being done online these days, reliable, fast internet is a must.

Grandstrem Networks systems are top of the range and they are both easy to set up and easy to manage.

Physical Security

To provide the kind of protection that is easy to manage and monitor, Grandstream Networks has a range of physical security products that are ideal for keeping companies secure and staff safe. There is a complete line of security products available and with the affordable prices, installing security won’t cost a fortune.

Gateways and ATAs

Grandstream Networks gateways and ATAs are trusted by many of the world’s greatest companies. The VoIP Gateways and Analog Telephone Adaptors are easy to integrate and easy to manage, making them quite suitable for both homes and offices. The systems are made to be high-quality devices and are quite affordable.

IP PBX Appliances

Simplifying IP PBX, these appliances are made to present clients with a range of communication features and user friendly management systems, which exclude a monthly licensing fee. The systems can be seamlessly integrated into most businesses.


Switchcom and Grandstream Networks

Switchcom works closely with Grandstream Networks to present clients with an array of superb products, suitable for the ever-growing South African business market. Our team can help you select the right products for your clients and help you gain all of the must know productknowledge.

We can provide you with great advice and fantastic prices. Contact us for more information about the products that we have on offer.