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EnGenius Technologies South Africa

Dependable IT and Telephony Solutions

As wireless connectivity continues to sweep the globe, and telephony solutions move away from the traditional access points and onto the web, businesses and individuals are presented with more options and better pricing on products guaranteed to improve the way they do business.

With all of the IT companies out there, specialising in creating unique, workable IT and internet connectivity solutions that can be adapted to most companies, businesses have the opportunity to change the way they carry out their day to day work. EnGenius Technologies South Africa is one of those IT companies, but they are a little different to all the rest.

EnGenius Technologies approaches their work from a unique point of view. They take the time to understand their client base, so that they can make informed decisions when it comes to being innovative with their growing product selection. While they have chosen to specialise in various sectors of the IT and web connectivity industry, making them that perfect one stop shop, their best known products are predominantly VoIP and data focused.  

EnGenius has made it their mission to provide clients with the best possible voice and data solutions, with the goal of improving productivity and mobility while also keeping things as simple as possible. They approach their technology with the principle that connectivity should be reliable and personalised. Their products are also designed to have numerous helpful features.

About EnGenius Technologies South Africa

The company was founded in the early 1990s. Initially, it became well-known for pioneering wireless communication technology capable of reaching long distances. They also provided radio frequency technology to clients who needed it.

As the industry evolved and moved away from radio technology and into the digital world of the internet, the company grew with the changes and began creating a range of solutions for the business world. Their networking and telephony solutions are considered by many networking companies to be the best on the market.

EnGenius uses high standards to measure their products by. This ensures that their products are reliable and up to the task of keeping clients connected and in business. They test their products before selling them and they have a fantastic reputation for providing solutions that are made to perform. Their products are also not prone to breaking, which means clients can look forward to many years of exceptional use.

As mentioned, the company places most of its focus on two aspects of the industry: networking and telephony.

Their networking technology is designed to include a range of managed and unmanaged wireless products and solutions, IP-surveillance technology, and switches. Every product is made to perform well and the wireless technology is capable of reaching impressive long distances.

And businesses can also greatly benefit from the company’s impressive telephony solutions. The move to VoIP is ensuring that businesses stay connected to their clients. VoIP also means minimal downtime and no more worrying about exceptionally high phone charges.

EnGenius telephony systems are excellent for mobility, as they specialise in cordless telecommunications. Their phones are designed to be durable as well as portable, and will work exceptionally outdoors and inside buildings of all shapes and sizes. Their long range reach also means the phones are quite perfect for multi-story buildings and complex environments, with their various obstacles that would block the signal of less superior phones.

The team at EnGenius is equipped with the knowledge and skills to push the company forward. They are constantly evolving and looking for new ways to improve on their products. Like most companies in the industry, the way forward is through innovation and careful planning.

The company easily stays on top of trends and listens to the needs of the clients.

Best Selling EnGenius Products

EnGenius sells directly to the public but they also work with a network of trusted distributors who are knowledgeable about the products they sell. This makes the range of EnGenius products popular the world over.

To make things as easy as possible for buyers, technology is split into two categories: Solutions and Products.

On the solutions side of things, clients can find the unique EnGenius Cloud and EnSky data storage solutions, Whole-Home Wi-Fi which is capable of covering wide spaces using EnMesh Wi-Fi systems, Telephony solutions with wide range VoIP, various managed services, and solutions specifically for the education industry, marina industry, camping and leisure travel, and hospitality. EnGenius also supplies the ProAV Integrators, which consist of easy to install wireless and wired networking.

Each of these solutions are designed to be reliable and fully functional. They are also excellent for growing businesses, as the products and solutions are easily adaptable.

As for the products, you couldn’t find a better range for your home or business. The bestselling EnGenius products at the moment include gigabit switches, indoor wireless products ideal for managed and unmanaged access points, outdoor wireless, various networking accessories, home mesh Wi-Fi capable of covering wide areas with Wi-Fi internet connectivity, VoIP phone systems, and all of the software necessary to configure the hardware.

Switchcom and EnGenius

Switchcom is one of South Africa’s biggest and most diverse networking companies supplying tools, accessories, products and assistance to installers and individuals alike. We have partnered up with EnGenius to provide our South African client base with all of the best products the industry has to offer.

Our range of EnGenius products can be bought online, via our online shop, and shipped throughout the country within a few days of the order being placed. We can also assist our clients with any information they might need in order to get the most out of the product.

EnGenius is just one of the many brands that we stock and it can be easily used along with the other brands that we have available. By combining EnGenius with other brands, you can create unique and complex solution for your specific requirements.

The products we supply are also kept affordable and since we offer companies a few financial planning options, even the start-up networking company can compete for the bigger contracts.

To find out more about what we can offer you, and to find out more about our range of EnGenius products, you can contact us.