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Edimax South Africa: Wi-Fi Routers, Smart Homes and More

Edimax is no stranger to the networking market. They have built up a reliable reputation for manufacturing highly sought-after products, which have earned them a legion of fans. They specialise in a wide range of internet connectivity related products, but have also diversified to include smart home systems and communication technology.

As a one stop supplier of everything needed to get homes and businesses connected to the web, Edimax is a company preferred by many networking suppliers and installation companies. The product selection is not only quite extensive, but their products are also well-known for being easy to use and easy to install.

Edimax has distributors all over the world, including Edimax South Africa, and getting hold of their products is easier than it has ever been. Their products are also well suited to various budgets, which is why their products are as ideal for the home as they are for a bustling business.

Having no access to the web, or struggling to get connected and to stay online, can severely affect business and it can reduce the quality of home life. With access to the internet, businesses can reach new markets, improve their communication and grow their operations, while having internet in the home can improve education, provide entertainment and provide access to information.

Ensuring that the connection is stable and is continuously accessible is best achieved by ensuring that the right products and accessories are installed. It also helps to have a networking company do the installation and the setup, to guarantee the connectivity.


Edimax South Africa’s products and accessories are absolutely up to the task of getting people and companies connected and keeping them online.


About Edimax

The company was established in 1986 and has been steadily growing since its doors opened. Today, the company is at the forefront of manufacturing network communication products such as routers, controllers, access points, switches, adapters, media converters and just about everything else one could possibly need in order to set up a functional and reliable web system.

Edimax is based in Taiwan and since 2001 it has been listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, with every year since then showing a growth in revenue. This means the company has become trusted the world over for providing exceptional services and products.

The company has all of the necessary certifications and the team is highly experienced in the work that they do. The company is constantly innovating, and discovering new ways to help their clients get the most out of the products they choose to have in their homes and/or businesses.

The Edimax research and development team currently has over 200 staff and they have enjoyed plenty of success over the many years that they have been developing and improving on products to keep up to date with the constantly changing industry and the ever growing market.

Products are developed to meet the identified needs of the client base and thanks to the continuing development, Edimax is able to continue the production of truly world-class products and accessories.

Through its global foot print, Edimax has focused on networking as its primary way to deliver clients the best solutions, by taking in information from all over and putting it to good use in the product development phase.


Edimax Product Range

The big product ranges available from Edimax are designed to meet a wide range of connectivity needs. The products are separated by a number of factors which include support, performance and value. The wireless range of products is the biggest of all of Edimax’s lines and consists of everything needed to get connected.


To make things easier for buyers, the company has split its products into categories.



From reliable switches and routers, to controllers, adaptors and convertors, Edimax stocks the complete range of web connectivity products, designed to be used in business. The products are made to last and they are guaranteed to keep businesses connected. This range is also scalable, which means businesses can grow without the worry about having to pay out more for new products to support their expansion.



While the business products are quite extensive, Edimax products truly shine when used in the home. Their home focused range is far bigger than the business range, and it includes a greater variety.

Under their home products, they have a list of IP phones, Wi-Fi systems which provide coverage to the entire house, products capable of monitoring the air quality within the home, home automation systems, and ADSL routers. These products and solutions are all easy to install and maintain, while they are made to be easy to use.

One of the most unique products available from Edimax is their air quality detection systems. These are designed to measure the quality of the air and warn should there be an issue. This type of system is perfect for both homes and offices.


Switchcom and Edimax

Switchcom has grown over the years to become one of South Africa’s most trusted suppliers of all kinds of networking related products. Our team of experts are experienced when it comes to giving great advice and support, and we know how to source the best products to add to our ever growing product catalogue.

We stock Edimax products for networking and we can help you find the ones that best suit you or your client’s specific needs. We also provide our networking clients with a number of payment options to help them better plan their projects.

We distribute our imported products throughout South Africa and if there are products that you need but cannot find online, you can always have a chat with our team. We can source overseas products just for you, although there can be a two week wait time for such products.

Edimax is a superb company with a stellar reputation for excellence, and what is more is that their products are not overly expensive.

Switchcom can help you and your clients get connected. Browse and select your preferred products online today.