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ZYCOO South Africa Leading Edge IP Communication Solutions


For those in the wired and wireless internet industry, the communications solutions available from ZYCOO South Africa are considered to be among the very best. ZYCOO’s range of products are well priced and ideal for companies of all sizes. Regardless of the internet connectivity requirements of your clients, ZYCOO has the solution.

ZYCOO is renowned for developing and manufacturing a wide range of reliable IP telephony devices, and all of the related software and accompanying systems. The company is best known for creating scalable VoIP solutions which are aimed to be used primarily in the SME market. These systems can be integrated into industries of all kinds and because they are scalable, they can adapt easily to company growth.

ZYCOO’s focus on creating IP telephony systems as well as its accompanying software enables those who partner with ZYCOO to either provide their clients with or themselves benefit from a system which can be customised according to exact needs. For ODM and OEM, the company also supplies different embedded hardware boards.


ZYCOO South Africa sells products directly to customers and it also provides products to partnering companies, who in turn provide the products to their clientele. The fact that the systems can be fully customised is part of the appeal of ZYCOO products.


The company is committed to staying up to date with the various innovations and advancements associated with the VoIP industry. All of the solutions offered by ZYCOO are cost-effective.

Founded in 2010, ZYCOO might not have the longest history, but their short time in business has cemented their place as one of the world’s industry leaders. Their team comprises of a collective of highly experienced and innovative people who turn great ideas into fantastic products.


ZYCOO is perhaps best known for their all-in-one IP audio solution

Modern businesses require modern solutions and it is impossible to run a company without having a reliable telecommunications system in place. While small companies can get by with a single function phone, growing SMEs need to have access to a VoIP system that caters to their growth and makes business easy.

ZYCOOs all-in-one IP systems are in every way the perfect business addition.

These systems are easily integrated into warehouses, parking garages, office buildings and industrial settings. The systems are designed to be as functional as they are comfortable to use.

In shopping centres, hotels and retail shops, these systems are able to create a wonderful environment complete with background music. There are various background music applications to browse through, so those who have these systems can have more control over the creation of their aesthetic environment.

For warehouses, parking garages, industrial facilities and office spaces, the system can be used for access control purposes. Things like video and voice intercom appliances can benefit both visitors and employees, by keeping people safe. Access control systems from ZYCOO are great at storing data collected from visitors so that they can be identified in future.

Finally, the all-in-one IP audio solution is quite suitable for public spaces.

The system can be used to make announcements and broadcasts, allowing a message to reach all of those in within the space. The broadcasting system is highly sophisticated and quite easy to use.

This particular IP system is compatible with various operating systems including Linux, MAC and Windows. And although it has a wide range of uses, it is most commonly used in the office.


ZYCOO for Small and Medium Businesses

VoIP has quickly replaced conventional phones for a wide range of reasons.

They are not a single function kind of system. This means it doesn’t just allow the user to make and receive calls.

With ZYCOO’s systems, businesses will have a unified communication solution, capable of meeting their every need. These systems are next generation innovation and they are so much more than your average VoIP IP PBX set up.

Whether a business requires an upgrade or if they are looking for their first VoIP system, this telecommunications set up is the right choice. The system doesn’t necessarily have to be a part of a physical office appliance. It can instead be integrated into your desktop or smart phone app. ZYCOO also offers analogue expansion boxes.


The most popular of all of ZYCOO VoIP products is the ZooVox series.

The VoIP system makes way for IP phone provisioning, fixed public IP, third party DDNS, VNP routers, remote office set ups, desktop and mobile extensions, and the possibility of future scalability for future company growth.

The VoIP system provides superior voice quality and since it doesn’t cost a fortune, the system will fit into many budgets.

Some of the other features available with the VoIP system includes 3-way calling, time conditions, blacklisting, voicemail, PIN set, Do Not Disturb, IVR, caller ID, Video Calling, Paging and Intercom, and One Touch Recording.


Switchcom and ZYCOO

Switchcom has partnered with ZYCOO to provide clients with a variety of superior products. As our product catalogue grows and we continue to add more ZYCOO products, you can frequent our website to browse through our growing selection.

Currently, our ZYCOO products include the ZYCOO CooVox V2 4FXS Module, ZYCOO iSpeaker B20 SIP Gateway, ZYCOO iSpeaker C20 SIP Gateway, ZYCOO CooVox-EX16S Expansion Box, ZYCOO CooVox U20 V2 IP PBX, ZYCOO CooVox U100 IP PBX, and the Fanvil X4/X4G Enterprise IP Phone.

Switchcom is dedicated to helping companies grow, by providing them with what they need. We’ve created our business model in such a way that our clients have everything they need in order to provide their clients with the absolute best products the industry has available.

Along with wonderful products, we also provide advice which can be used to improve on the work that our clients are doing. For more information you can browse through our product selection or contact us.