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TG-Net South Africa Leading Manufacturers of IP Networking Products


A global giant of an enterprise, with roots in China, TG-Net South Africa is leading the way forward when it comes to manufacturing some of the world’s most trusted IP networking solutions. Their products are ideal for companies of all shapes and sizes, especially IT companies wanting the very best for their clients.

And as networking companies move towards ensuring that they provide their clients with a selection of products that are not only capable of meeting their clients expectations but which also guarantee a consistent connection, the reputation for TG-Net’s products continues to grow.

Established in 2011, TG-Net quickly dominated the market for networking products of all kinds.The company headquarters can be found in Shenzhen while they have offices in the main cities across the country.

After quickly making a name for themselves in China, their market expanded across the globe and today TG-Net products are exported to Western Europe, Africa, North America, the Middle East and South Asia. 

With a focus on producing a full range of highly-regarded networking switches. Their other noteworthy products include IP surveillance and CCTV, as well as all wired and wireless internet necessities.

To ensure quality, every product undergoes a strict quality control test to ensure that whatever they export stands up to the expectations of their clients. Their wired and wireless products ensure consistent up time and are ideally used for company networking as well as IP phones.

To keep up with the pace of a changing world, TG-Net is constantly innovating and finding new ways to improve on their already impressive catalogue of IP technology. Up to 15% of the company’s annual sales is invested into the ongoing research and development, which they have an entire team of engineers dedicated to working on it.

Currently, their research and development covers all of basics when it comes to networking, IP management and IP security. Their primary focus on development is to provide better outcomes for their next generation internet solutions which they believe will be focused on data solutions.

TG-Net is not only committed to manufacturing the very best products, but they are equally committed to their approach to customer services. They use their core values to guide them and to establish the overall quality of each product.

To improve their product reach, TG-Net has a partnership programme set up. They aim to work closely with suppliers in every country to help grow their partner’s portfolio. The suppliers who partner up with TG-Net receive all kinds of assistance and additional information which they can then use to improve on the service they provide for their clients.

Taking their service that one step further, the company has organised their solutions according to the industries which will benefit the most from having them. Governmental institutions, education, hospitality, and business are the industries that are the focus of TG-Net products.


Switchcom supplies some of TG-Net’s very best products. We have gone out of our way to ensure that our clients have access to all of the products that they require to get the job done.


Most Popular TG-Net South Africa Products

Having undergone strict quality testing and enjoying the attention of a team of research and development engineers, the product selection available from this China based company, is quite extraordinary. These are some of their top selling products.


Network Switches

Although they have a range of products available, and are continuously developing new products for clients to use, it is the TG-Net switch that is without a doubt the most used and the most sought after.

Network switches are not well-known to the layman but are an incredibly important aspect of the network set up. This hardware is used to connect the devices on a network by making use of packet switching to receive and forward data. The switch will generally be a multi-port device, which means it can connect plenty of devices via the hardware bridge.

The necessity of a switch depends greatly on the number of devices that need to be connected within the home or office space. Switches are only necessary if you are using a wired network system. Wireless systems naturally don’t require much hardware, seeing that they rely on virtual signal connectivity.

The most popular TG-Net switches currently available from Switchcom include the S5300-32F-4T Static Routing Switch, the TG-NET 24-Port Full Gigabit Web Smart Switch | TG-S2100-26G-2F, the TG-NET 24-Port L2 Managed Full Gigabit Switch | TG-S3500-26G-2F, the TG-NET 24-Port L2+ Managed 1/10GE Static Routing Switch | TG-S5300-28G-4T, the TG-NET 8-Port Managed PoE+ Guard Switch | TG-P3008M-8POE-150W, the TG-NET 8-Port Smart Guard PoE Managed Switch | P3010M-8POE-150W-V3, the TG-Net 8-Port Unmanaged Full Gigabit Switch | TG-S1700D-8G, the TG-NET 9-Port 10/100M Enterprise PoE Switch | P1009D-8POE, and the TGNET 24-Port GB Layer2 Switch.


Wireless Hardware

As more companies and homes go wireless, having the right hardware to keep you connected is a part of ensuring your clients stay online.

TG-Net manufactures a variety of wireless routers as well as access points, all of which are made to perform optimally. Their wireless hardware can also be used in hotels and restaurants as well as places of entertainment.


Power over Ethernet (PoE) hardware

Power over Ethernet includes a variety of devices which are primarily used to allow network cables to carry electricity. Such systems are used to power surveillance cameras (CCTV), and image projectors.

These devices have many advantages which include saving time and money, being incredibly flexible, being safe to use, are guaranteed to be reliable and are quite easy to scale.


Switchcom and TG-Net

Dedicated to giving our clients exactly what they need when it comes to the very best networking hardware, Switchcom supplies TG-Net products along with a wide range of other fantastic options from numerous well-known, and quite popular network solutions and telecommunications companies.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service which also includes helpful advice as well as a variety of financing options that are designed with the small company in mind.

To find out more about our products and our prices, you can have a chat with one of our helpful consultants.